by analilia on July 15, 2013

One of the things I love about summer is gardening. For the past three years I have been growing tomatoes in pots.  If you haven’t tasted a home grown tomato, you don’t know what a tomato truly is supposed to taste like. Even if you buy them at the farmers’ market they don’t taste this good. Home grown tomatoes are so flavorful and sweet; they are an explosion of flavor in your mouth. However, they are also very difficult to grow.  Last year I had a horrible problem with aphids.  This year I decided to only grow two tomato plants and keep them in my back yard where I have all the control of the watering (my landlord was over watering my plants).  My husband and I have been tediously looking behind each leaf to make sure no caterpillars are sucking the life out my plants. So far we have murdered about 70 caterpillars (where do they come from??????)  Luckily I haven’t had a problem with aphids this year, hallelujah! My Sungold cherry tomatoes are starting to turn their bright orange color.  My Cherokee plant has a lot of fruit, but the tomatoes are still very green.  I’m not a mother, but I feel like growing plants is like having a baby, except they let you sleep throughout the night.  You’re plants can’t communicate with you verbally, so you have to guess what they need.  You have to water them, feed them, protect them from pests, make sure they are comfortable and have enough sunlight.  It’s not easy having a healthy, beautiful organic garden.  But when I do get it right, I feel like I can conquer the world…until next year comes around and I have a whole new set of problems.


Do you have a garden?  What are you growing?

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