Honeycrisp Apples

Honeycrisp Apples

by analilia on October 1, 2012

My favorite season is fall.  In most places fall means you get to wear sweaters and coats, it’s an excuse to buy a pair of expensive boots, and it also means apples are everywhere.  Every fall I look forward to buying Honeycrisp apples at the Farmers’ Market from Fair Hills Apple Farm.  They are the most delicious apples you will ever taste. What makes them so irresistible is that they make a loud crunch when you bite into them.  No mealy apples from Farm Hills, their apples are picked tree ripe.  They are juicy and sweet, but tart at the same time.  Sometimes I like to slather the apple with peanut butter, it makes such a yummy snack!  You can find Fair Hills Apple Farm at the Hollywood and Beverly Hills Farmers’ Market every Sunday.

What do you like about Fall?  Are there any foods you look forward to?

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