Friday Night Jazz at LACMA

Friday Night Jazz at LACMA

by analilia on June 22, 2013

I’ve now been in LA for 9 years and just yesterday was the first time I finally made it to the friday night jazz event at LACMA. Every Friday evening from 6-8pm there is a free jazz concert at LACMA.  People come and picnic while listening to jazz. I was so surprised to see so many people.  Every piece of grass was covered with blankets and chairs.  Another surprising thing is that it’s very popular with families.  At times it looked more like a playground than a jazz concert. It’s a perfect event for families because it’s free.  It’s safe for the kids to run wild. And you can bring your own food and booze.  Empty bottles of wine were filling up the recycling bin faster than the cleaning crew could get to them.  Besides all the families taking over LACMA, there was also a big group of good looking, fashionable 20 something year olds.  They came a little later than 6 pm and stayed past the concert was done.  From now on, this will definitely become one of my summer things to do.


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