Frances Ha

Frances Ha

by analilia on June 27, 2013

As I walked home after watching Frances Ha I was smiling from ear to ear, texted my best friend she had to see it, and I felt so alive and inspired.  The movie is about Frances (Greta Gerwig), a quirky late twenty year old who is living in New York City, struggling financially while she pursues a career as a dancer. (She’s not a very good dancer nor is she really dancing.)  She takes us through a journey many late twenty year olds or freelancers go through, a quarter life crisis. What am I doing with my life?  I have so much debt! I didn’t think I would still have to depend on my parents… It’s also a beatiful story about friendship, disappointment, love, hopes and dreams, and the sometimes cruel reality.


Frances Ha is really funny with fantastic one liners “It’s just that this apartment is very…aware of itself.”  Greta Gerwig is wonderful as Frances and what makes her even more brilliant is that she co-wrote the screenplay with director Noah Baumbach.

This film is honest and Greta’s performance is refreshing. It’s really hard not to fall in love with Frances or the movie!  Go see it now!

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