by analilia on June 24, 2013

If you’re not familiar with CicLAvia, it’s a day when a major street in Los Angeles is closed so that people can ride their bike, skateboard or walk for miles and miles without worrying about cars.  It’s a fantastic idea that started in Bogota, Colombia over 30 years ago as a response to the congestion. Since then it as spread to other countries in Latin America and is now in the U.S.

CiclaviaYesterday was the 6th CicLAvia event in LA. This one was called Iconic Wilshire Blvd which started at Wilshire and Fairfax at the LACMA museum and ended at One Wilshire downtown. The route was 6.4 miles long of a temporary park where bikes took over. It was wonderful to see so many people participating. There were families, group of friends riding together, even people walking, like myself. Since I don’t have a bike and all the bike rental places were sold out I decided to walk the route. It’s a long way to walk, but really cool to see all the buildings I tend to whiz by in my car. There were also hubs along the route with food trucks and activities for people to do, like rock climbing and belly dancing.

CiclaviadwntwnThe next cicLAvia is scheduled to be October 6, 2013 called Heart of LA where people will get the chance to explore downtown.  Hopefully by then I’ll have a bike!

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